Cantini Pictures, is an award-winning, Detroit-based media production company that prides itself in lean, aggressive storytelling using cutting-edge technology as well as proven image capture techniques. Bringing decades of production experience to our shoots and implementing on-the-fly creative when needed, Cantini Pictures is an excellent solution for your messaging needs.

From concept through production to output, Cantini has the experience to anticipate the unexpected and deliver no matter what the condition; be it a tight deadline, or unexpected weather. The goal is seeing that the project is completed and the client is happy.

Cantini is proud to have its roots in America's Midwest and to call Detroit its home. We will always work to tap local talent and deliver efficient and professional production standards not only here in the Midwest, but nationally, and globally.

Our range and versatility is represented by the diversity of our clientele which includes: Third Man Records, Shinola, the New York Times, General Motors, Honda, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, ITC Holdings Corp.,  BBC, The Wall Street Journal and many others. 

Cantini takes a great deal of pride in all of the work we have accomplished and we would love to do the same for you. If you would like to set up a meeting or request a quote, please contact us - mail at cantinipictures.com or 761-9505 area code 248.


We offer aerials too. With a small fleet of quadcopters we can get that birds-eye shot you've always dreamed of, or maybe an amazing flyby of your corporate HQ, private island or rocket-launch site.


360 VR environments are cutting edge. We have setup and captured 360 stills and video on demo projects for automotive, travel, news and many other cool industries we can't talk about. Let us build a 360 for you too.

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Our clients in Detroit and L.A. need great car shots. We can get you some excellent, gimball-stabilized car-to-car running footage for next years model.


All night stakeouts in mid-Michigan or camped out at sunrise as the build of your project begins, we'll be there cranking out a shot every second to build you a killer time-lapse.


Give us a studio and we'll give you back the goods. We've spent days on end bouncing light and getting the look right.


There's so much more we can do to get you the awesome imagery and sound you deserve.

  • Event coverage & on-site edit/output
  • Macro photography
  • 35mm & Medium format Film Photography
  • Writing & Editorial
  • Collaboration on SFX and original music compostion
  • Non-traditional output & delivery of media content for web/social media
  • B&W/Color darkroom printing services

The best way to get a in touch with us is email - mail at cantinipictures.com

761-9505 area code 248 for Matt  

283-7542 area code 313 for Fabrizio