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Cantini Pictures Demo Reel - March 2015

Cantini Pictures is a partnership between two Detroit-based creatives with over 30 years of combined production experience in film, video and still photography production. 

Matt CANtu (producer/director) and Fabrizio CostanTINI (producer/director of photography) established CANTINI as a platform to efficiently deliver to their clients quality, finished videos with a focus on beautiful imagery. Projects that Cantini has produced also include CGI, animations, graphic inter-lays, tracking time-lapses, and more. 

Cantini consistently monitors trends in the industry and uses some of the finest equipment available, be it the most current technological advancement in image capture or a hundred year old lens that has the perfect look. Cantini has the capability to craft a production suited to the demands of our clients whether that project is large, small or anywhere in-between.

The result is a lean and versatile partnership, catering to the needs of our various clients, which include: Honda, Credit Acceptance, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, ITC Holdings Corp., General Motors, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others. 

Cantini is proud to have its roots in Americas Midwest, and to call Detroit its home. We will always work to tap local talent and deliver efficient and professional production standards not only here in the Midwest, but nationally, and globally. 

From concept through production to output, Cantini has the experience to anticipate the unexpected and deliver no matter what the condition; be it a tight deadline, or unexpected weather. The goal is seeing that the message is delivered and that the client is a happy and returning.

Cantini takes a great deal of pride in all of the work we have done and we would love to do the same for you. 

If you would like to set up a meeting or request a quote, please contact us.


Matt and Fabrizio

Cantini Pictures Ltd.